Event Server Tier

This is the planning thread for our event server offering that we plan to roll out in Q4. If anyone is interested, please get in touch by emailing contact [at] meet.coop.

  • £100 per week
  • £100 setup (waived if at least 4 weeks)
  • Customisations: logo, default room text, default slide set, custom SMTP server, custom URL
  • Includes 1 hour of support (extra hours billed at £60 per hour)
  • Server location: Germany
  • 1 week lead time (subject to event calendar availability)

I have created an entry for scheduling bookings Meet.coop Event Server (publicly viewable for now). Unfortunately Nextcloud does not support sharable calendars that can itself subscribe to another CalDAV, so I cannot put Collocall’s bookings onto here.

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