Existing instances not related to meet.coop

A thread to collect information about existing instances maintained by member orgs (or otherwise) that are not part of meet.coop but may inform our future decisions.

Hypha launched bbb.hypha.coop as an open registration (free with no sustainability plan) instance with no long-term commitment, experimental BBB instance running on a VM, with no recording support and made some non-default settings, as our rapid response as part of covid19.hypha.coop Since then we have received requests for deploying custom instances and offers of donation. The latter has prompted us to set up an Open Collective to pay for ongoing server and support cost.

The reason we did not pursue custom instances is because we cannot do it within reasonable budget, unless we automate deployments and centralize monitoring to ensure the reliability needed for clients who want to use it to host events. As for donation-based model, I see it as an experiment of how many of the offers actually convert to recurring payments, and what type of BBB instance it can support (or is needed), since this may serve a very different category of users who only need occasional < 10 people meetings and have no budgets for recurring support.

Our current machine spec:

VMware Hypervisor (ESXi)
8 vCPU cores
100 Mbps bandwidth

The server spec we are seeking to migrate our instance to is much smaller than what would be suitable for a meet.coop instance:

4-6 vCPU
200Mbps+ Bandwidth

Our learning from this is tracked on a github issue.

Cloud68 was used at openpublishingfest.org (for some sessions, other ones used Zoom and YouTube as well). I was in a recorded session with 30 audience on audio-only / listen mode, with 2 presenters with video and screenshare, going between screens. Quality was excellent.