Expired Certificate on social.meet.coop

Is this the right place to report this?

Screenshot 2021-09-20 8.14.21 AM

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@osb Any ideas? I got the same error.

@dvdjaco @wouter @elon @hng any ideas - this is quite4 urgent as our customer can not use their meeting rooms … I’m guessing the SSL may have expired… but how do we check?

SSL Labs can be used to check certs:


It expired 2 days, 20 hours ago.


sorry I didn’t see this one before. The automatic renewal of this certificate failed, we’ll fix it ASAP.

The TLS cert was automatically renewed but the web server wasn’t restarted, it is working now.


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Thank you for taking care of it!!! :man_cartwheeling: :chipmunk: :trophy:


hiya - not working for me yet.Screenshot at 2021-09-30 16-07-05
I’ve been happily ignoring it and proceeding through all the risk warnings, but I don’t think we can tell the Rootstock investors to do that!

Looks like a similar problem as we had with socialcoop, we’re on it!

hey there - thanks for dealing with whatever was bringing up the warning page. I just thought you should know that there’s still this little warning:
Screenshot at 2021-10-04 09-39-10

cheers, cath x

The Radical Roots cert expired two weeks ago — this is why it shows as invalid in web browsers.

oh, actually i am still getting the warning page

hey - looks like it’s fixed, thank you :slight_smile:

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@dvdjaco @Yurko @elon did we put something in place to prevent this from happening in the future?

This is under Collocall’s management until meet.coop assumes full control of the shared infrastructure.

To be clear what happened here was not server certificate that expired but a root certificate. This is not something that happens often. I think there was also an issue with older openssl libraries that amplified the issue.

Echoing @dvdjaco comment about management entity.

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