Exploring the involvement of Article19 / Digital Resilience Community

Welcome, @trinh , great to see you at last week’s All Hands and here in the forum. I promised to share with your 1) the formal part of becoming Operational Members: see here our policy and 2) our roles & responsibilities: in this hackpad.

So basically it gets down to define what level of contribution / commitment you’d like to make - this could be a combination of monetary contribution and time to commit to at least one of the Circles. As you suggested there’d be a natural fit for helping with the outreach / marketing and possibly with the community programme. It’d be great if you would have some hours to dedicate to that over the coming months and then of course we can evaluate as we go.

Let us know any doubts, ideas or suggestions you may have. Best, Wouter

Hi Wouter,

After speaking with Mike and thinking through the involvement requirements, we think it’s best that we provide monetary contribution for now. Our team is really stretched over the next several months with some priority programming focus, as well as onboarding new team members.

We’ve just made a monthly contribution and happy to do more so in the future – right now, we really just care about having the platform available to best serve our community. We don’t really need the operational member title but are happy to contribute to conversations or offer insights when the opportunity arise.

Let me know the next steps forward to get our accounts going. Thanks so much!

Thnaks for our conversation @trinh , it was a real help :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: . My community-development thinking has refocused - just in time for the funding proposal @wouter and I are working on. We’ll be pitching a more focused community development strategy, on the practice of multistakeholder contribution in the governance of our digital infrastructure. Watch this space, posting in the forum soon.

This will interest you I think and we’d love contributions from commUNITY/Article-19 as this goes forward. Thanks again.

Wouter, is there more needs to be done, onboarding Trinh and team?

@trinh Your account is multi-user, I think? You might like to talk to @mnoyes who recently started co-stewarding a multi-user account at social.coop?

Thanks @trinh, I understand your situation (overly stretched we are!) and appreciate your contributions very much.

About your membership: you have made the contribution, but we do need to activate it, i.e. deploy a dedicated frontend for you. Will ask @dvdjaco to send you the specific questions by email. We hadn’t followed up yet as we wanted to clarify your membership status.

It’ll be great to have you as user member and join in some conversations, whenever that suits for you. We’ll ping you every now and then, ok? :wink: