Failed login events

Both the forum and the wiki are refusing my login on a new browser “Incorrect username, email or password”.

Ehm, you’re logged in to the forum to make this post? To note, I’m able to get into both with my existing credentials, so I don’t think it is anything on the infrastructure side (e.g database fell over, login portal died, etc.).

you’re logged in to the forum
Yes logged in on Firefox on my laptop, have been for days.

Today I tried to login, in Firefox on my iPad (after a Firefox update) and was denied access. Also tried to login, in Safari on the laptop, and was denied access.

I had a login issue yesterday with Kimai, which @chris resolved. But something may have been upset in my credentials?

Unable now to log in to Kimai either, which @chris fixed yesterday . Something has happened to the server’s knowledge of my account login details.

My login is still failing on Kimai, Discourse and wiki. I’m only hanging on by keeping open a couple of old browser tabs. Please would you mend my login @chris @decentral1se Cheers

@mikemh All these services have password reset via email functions and they all work as far as I’m aware.

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I still have some kind of issue with logins. I’ve had the Kimai tab open for days and find I can’t now access it in that tab. OK, I open a fresh tab - and Kimai says it doesn’t recognise my credentials. I ask for a password reset, it says it has sent one - and it doesn’t arrive.

[Edit] Two reset emails arrived from two requests, around 30 mins later. Password is reset.