Fair wage for open software maintainers

Open Source Collective is hiring maintainers.
Open Source Collective is Hiring Maintainers - Open Collective

Like meet. coop they believe that ‘free’ software, like any kind of infrastructure, needs properly paid work.

One . . . challenge we see, which has become inescapably relevant this year, is that there is still a major hurdle for maintainers to vault, even when they have adequate financial support.

They lack an employer.

While it’s easy to shout ‘pay the maintainers’, many a maintainer will tell you that without appropriate healthcare, pension and employment provisions, they simply can’t leave their job to become an independent software developer. This is where Open Source Collective is stepping in.

Open Source Collective can now employ maintainers on sufficiently funded projects, including healthcare, benefits, paid annual leave and sick leave as needed. We can do so across the US and internationally in 75 territories around the world.