Framasoft strategic review

Framasoft published an interesting strategic review, well worth reading. En Francais: Convivializing the Internet, 3 years to open a corner of the web to wild ducks

English translation: Nextcloud
Thanks to @petter (, Gothenburg) for this item, in last week’s Board of Steweards meeting.

The projects, Emancip’Asso, ECHO Network and Peer.Tube form our new roadmap, named: “Collectivisons Internet / Convivialisons Internet”. A vast programme for the next 3 years of the Framasoft association, which will need all your support to achieve it.


  • Ungoverned corners of the web
  • Taking advantage of the “mother duck” effect
  • Four actions to break the back of a GAFAM
    •, big cloud for small collectives
    • ECHO Network, understanding the needs of popular education beyond our borders
    • Peer.Tube, highlighting the PeerTube we work for
    • And that’s enough? What about Dégooglisons, PeerTube, Mobilizon… then?
  • We need #WeNeedCoins