Funding opportunity? SIDN fund: Internet against Corona

Up to 75k is up for grabs from the SIDN fund here in NL. Call ends July 31, 2020, 1:00 PM.

I guess we could come under Trustworthy and secure digital solutions theme and we’d have to specifically make it available to Dutch audiences (some translation work). We already have two interested clients in NL, namely, and, so we have a base to work from.

I am not quite sure if we can fit in on this but I would love if someone can put some eyes on it (perhaps @wouter? there is also On a quick look I couldn’t see any blockers. Perhaps “The project results must be made freely available, and the knowledge and experience gained must be shared.” but that may actually be satified by the fact we publish all our work under free software licenses. If nobody else can see any blockers, I can investigate our eligibility and possibly take on the grant writing. I’d likely need someone to support me with a review.

Happy Monday :bomb:

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Hi Luke,

SIDN is an interesting fund, they are the .NL registar and fund open source infrastructure projects IIRC. We should try to find out more about what they want to fund. Sharing knowledge under free licenses is a commitment we already made. We have member organisations in The Netherlands like Free Knowledge Institute, Autonomic and interested parties like Milieu Defensie, Friends of the Earth and Code Rood, so these might possibly strengthen our proposal. I could also ask some contacts in the Netherlands who have direct contacts with SIDN.

Then the NLnet Foundation also has an open call where we could present ourselves. They have a call open until August 1st on PET, Privacy Enhancing Technologies: What do you think of that one?

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This would be excellent!

Yes, great! I have no NLNet contacts, does anyone here? I could also send a quick “hello world” mail to them to see if there is some interest. I guess this would fit quite nicely.

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I’m letting this sit for a bit now but I guess there is a growing sentiment around the possibility of working on a specific and friends front-end which might be a very specific pitch for such fundings mentioned aboved and also separate it directly from $$$ and coops individual involvements which might be hard to understand from a funding perspective. We could release a front-end as a free software for public use. That’s just some galaxy brain thoughts for now but thought I’d leave it out in any case :wink:

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FYI: we had a quick meeting to discuss the topic of grant funding and the

I’ve transferred the notes over to the wiki:

EDIT: this meeting was organised quite ad-hoc and fast, so wasn’t publicised that well :wink:

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