How do you enable recording?

Hi all,

I recently registered for a demo account to test BBB’s capabilities for online teaching (I’m an EFL teacher).

As a Manjaro KDE user, I’m happy with the way BBB handles screen sharing. Zoom has this annoying bug where I end the screen share, but the UI doesn’t revert. So this is a noticeable improvement.

I was looking forward to playing around with the recording feature, but I can’t seem to get it to work. Are recordings supposed to start and stop automatically? I was unable to find a button to control it. And I looked on the help page, but I couldn’t find any info on this.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi @tshiunghan, welcome at the community forum!

recordings can be initiated at the servers for members. If I’m not mistaken we have it deactivated at the demo server.

When you sign up for membership with any of the service levels as explained at the frontpage at, you can then get access to our servers for members. We have them in North America and in Europe at the moment.

Recordings can be activated by the moderator(s) in a meeting room. You will first need to configure that a room is “recordable”, that then forces all participants to accept the fact that they MAY be recorded at the warning sign at the entrance. Then during the session a moderator can start and pause recordings. After the session the server runs a post-production script to produce the recording and make it available for the room owner, who can then share the link, make it public or remove the recording.

Does this answer your questions about recordings?

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Yes, thanks so much. I’ll test it out by getting a subscription and let you know if I have any comments.

Some additional feedback: My student in Taiyuan, China, was able to join the demo server successfully and use the class notepad. But (as expected, I suppose) he was unable to see the external Youtube video I was playing. I also tried sharing the Youtube browser tab, but this didn’t work either.

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After getting a paid account, I shared a Youtube browser tab with the same student on the DE server and all was well.