I started to play with FreeSwitch

I installed FreeSwitch on my NixOS server and started to play with it. I want to get better understanding of components used by BBB :smile:

fs_cli command line tool shows a lot of things about this software


That is great! I got a little bit into freeswitch years ago when working with VOIPdrupal and experimenting with integrating the jabber client (early jitsi) fun, but I remember absolutely nada…
I never got freeswitch running but I was a Windows user back then and did not grasp GNU/linux. The experience led me to GNU in the end and then I got lost in several other rabbit holes *LOL


I now have a working VirtualBox image of FreeSwitch (Debian 10) - it lets you play with having a software PBX, let me know if anyone wants a copy!

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