In-depth: CoS grant proposal

As posted here, we have passed the first stage of the Culture of Solidarity call from the European Cultural Foundation (ECF).

We schedule an in-depth session for tomorrow Thursday to discuss some key elements for and how we want to participate. If we also pass this second stage, this will be key for!

  1. present ourselves during the “meet the other projects” on Friday 30th of April 11-15h CEST and participate in the networking with other projects
  2. decide for the legal entity that participates (1st stage I said: “The Online Meeting Co-operative -”) We should check how we’d like this to be and request a change.
  3. detailed budget & activities & deliverables
  4. communication plan
  5. second stage submission, by May 18th

See you in this room: European Meeting Room

In the internal Ops forum space is a longer thread.

Notes here. Thanks @mikemh and @dvdjaco :slight_smile:

A renewed a basic intro slide deck in case we’ll want to use it tomorrow at the ECF networking (editable slides here).