Infrastructuring & federating around the FLOSS toolstack

Call to a gathering in commons.hour. Building an agenda, selecting a timeslot

Federation across public-facing toolstack platforms seems to be emerging as a topic of wider discussion currently. Maybe the same is true for sysadmin-facing toolstack platforms too?

Here’s a small slide deck with an offered agenda. And here is a date poll

Please respond in the date poll, so we have an idea how big the gathering might be? Cheers.

Offered agenda includes three topics:

  • Challenges we’re finding, provisioning FLOSS tools @ platforms
  • Provisioning a toolstack for admins and platform coops differs from provisioning the gneral public?
  • Federating across cultures /languages /regions - Our rationale(s)?

Basic question across all three topics:

  • Is there an ongoing discussion to have here?
  • Is it one discussion, or several?
  • Who will convene it/them?
  • What (async) media & (live) venues will be adopted?

There’s a related thread here Maintainance and volunteer labour. It focuses more on livelihood and contribution within an organisation, as distinct from strategies of federating across organisations.

@Graham and @decentral1se have tagged this thread. Only 2 people (includes me) have voted so far in the date poll. Without more attendees, we don’t have the makings of a discussion. Maybe the issue isn’t made clear enough above . . or is null??

How about @Yurko @dvdjaco @3wc @hng from Tech circle?@benhylau from Org? @osb from Product? @chris @petter from federating coop founders? @freescholar @jamie @jdaviescoates as sysadmin members? @asimong as a platform-building member? If the issue is unclear, ping me? Cheers.

I’ll close the poll Tues 27 July, 20:00 BST

I don’t have capacity to participate. I am currently working about 14 hours a day :slight_smile:

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I threw my name (and signal of interest) in the poll less due to my involvement in this particular group but due to my involvement in IEEE SA-Open. There seemed to be some overlap given what was in the slides @mikemh made and would like to attend if only just to listen and learn more about what is going on here :slight_smile:

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I find the topic interesting and relevant, I’ll try to attend but I’m quite stretched in the coming weeks.

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Small showing in the poll: four plus another possible. @Graham @nolski @bhaugen @mikemh @dvdjaco :heart: On that basis

Others: if you can join please add your name in the poll under that date:
@3wc @petter @freescholar @jamie @asimong

Offered agenda is here. Open for thoughts below, on the proposed agenda topics:

  1. Too much redundancy in public provision of FLOSS tools, too little revenue to support admin of the public platforms? So, federate?
  2. Provisioning the admins vs provisioning the public: federating in the back office, federating in the front office?
  3. Should rationales for federating include escaping regional/cultural/language silos?

Thanks Mike. I’ll aim to be on the call. I’m less enthusiastic about your outline agenda, which to my eye looks like it might be diving in too deeply too quickly? Don’t know.

From my perspective I’d like to be part of a conversation that involves some of the people running/offering services that are broadly aligned in terms of values (commons/co-op oriented, FLOSS stack, etc), to understand a bit about whether they are wildly successful or struggling for customers/revenue.

If it’s more the latter, I’m interested to explore the potential for some level of federation/network, which might begin with something very simple like adopting a common statement around values/principles and displaying a shared social brand identity, as a basis on which to build.

I’m interested in any market research and/or customer insight that might exist. If providers are really successful, what is driving that? If struggling, what are the reasons behind that? From my perspective I see what I think is strong latent demand for privacy-respecting non-GAFAM service offerings, so if that’s not translating into customers and revenue it feels really important to try to understand what that’s about.

I think you may be right :wink: I do feel there’s some practical difference between federation that supports admins in the background (I’m thinking Coop Cloud for example), and rationalisation-through-federation across public-facing platforms (many many toolkits around the world, with not very good UI, generally speaking). I also wonder whether cross-regional federation has its own rationale, but I’m not sure what that is: UK/Europe or global North-South for example.