Introducing Vocdoni + potential collaboration

Hello all!

I’m Ferran Reyes, from Vocdoni team. @wouter introduced me to last week and he told me that it would be great if I can present Vocdoni to the Meetcoop community. So here I am :slight_smile:

To put you in context, Vocdoni is an opensource project born with the aim of making digital participation easy and secure by building an anonymous, universally verifiable and scalable voting system using a technological architecture that relies on Ethereum, Tendermint, IPFS and zk-SNARKs, as well as in many other components designed by Vocdoni team. If you want to know more about our Open Stack you can take a look at our docs.

We built also a Platform (app/web) to interact with all this voting infrastructure (that is concieved as a common good in the blockchain, so it’s also accessible via API).

After taking a look at we believe that by connecting it with Vocdoni we would have a perfect software for ad-hoc voting in meetings, annual general meetings, events,…

Using merkle-trees it would be relatively easy to create ad-hoc censuses or tag existing members to create segmented censuses with the attendees (with a tag that indicates participation in a specific meeting). This would also solve the problem with digital voting and decisions where abstention matter (like supermajority requirements).

Then this census can be used to create voting processes using Vocdoni app or webpoll.

I’m looking forward to know more about your opinion on that and even organize a call if there is people interested :slight_smile:

I would also love to invite you to our Discord, where you can contact the Vocdoni dev team and be updated on the development:

Happy to support and join the community! :rocket:


Hey @Ferran, great to see you here! And I’m very happy that VocDoni decided to become members of :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yesterday I participated in part of your VocDoni session at the FESC, now continuing through your video recording. Happy to see that it worked for you.

VocDoni seems really interesting for cooperatives and other initiatives in need to vote online. In the past I have been against online voting in electoral processes, but the technology stack you are developing seems to be universally recountable / auditible.

Note that I value decentralised architectures and therefore I follow some DHT projects like Holochain and (more in the past) blockchain networks like ethereum, but I’m not at all following the details of Vocdoni tech dev.

For and its members it maybe good to get to know some example usecases, like AGM’s that have used VocDoni. And possibly in combination with - I think it can be a great complement.

There are members organising their assemblies over, some of which have said so on this forum. Maybe it would be good to organise a dedicated session about that topic? I think there’s practical, technological, social and legal aspects that will need to be covered. And this is rather new for many coops.