LDAP integration experiment at femProcomuns

This one is for @hng/Collocall, posting here to keep the rest in the loop. As you know we want to explore a “reseller” mode at femProcomuns, offering meet.coop individual accounts to the existing users of our commonscloud.coop services. These are the relevant issues:

For this we agreed in the Product Circle weekly meeting to spin a new greenlight instance and configure LDAP auth to connect to our existing commonscloud directory. I see in the documentation that LDAP configuration is passed to greenlight in the .env file, have you done this before? My plan is to test this elsewhere to make sure that auth and LDAP filters work as expected, and then send you the request for the new instance with the environment variables for the LDAP Login Provider in .env.

@dvdjaco as every change of the greenlight configuration (.env etc.) would need to go through collocall I think it is probably better if you install greenlight locally (easy to run with docker) or set one instance up on another server. I can provide you with the BBB API Secret.

I was thinking to test the LDAP auth in a local container and then send you the config details once they’ve been validated. But you’re right that there could be further changes once we’ve set it up, so it might be better to run it initially in our (femProcomuns) infra.

When/if the experiment goes well and we decide to keep the service and the reseller model, I think it would be best to re-deploy it alongside the rest of greenlights. Would that work for you?

yes sure! (I need to write more than 20 characters…)

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Cool, let’s do that then. Are you deploying an official greenlight docker image or a custom one?

Currently we are using our ColloCall fork with some visual modifications for meet.coop, but the only “special” thing we are really using is the Download button, so it should be fine to test the LDAP stuff just with the current official Greenlight release.

Great, we’ll do that!