Looking for a few good User Members

“Finding the right category for my post” fail :wink:

Anyhow, I’m doing an article for Shareable.net on meet.coop, and would like to connect with a couple of User Members to ask about your experiences. If you can help, please email me at writeray at y42k dot com.


Suggestions as to a more appropriate forum category for this post are also welcome.

Hi @Shareable just FYI you can see all the users members over on the Open Collective:

I’ll email you too. But I’d suggest it’d be good to connect with some of the organizations who are user members too like the Tor Project and Friends of the Earth International etc as I think that would make it a great story :slight_smile:

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This is true. That interface is pretty rough though - hard to browse, unless you know a text string to search on. Not sortable by fields. OpenCollective should offer better than this, it really isn’t very informative? And one member can appear several times - presumably, different phases of subscription? @osb @wouter d’you have views on this interface?

Reps from any of those orgs are welcome to get in touch!

They are relatively unlikely to see this, so you may need to reach out to them directly, or @wouter or @osb might be able to help put you in touch.

Never hurts to try. Thanks.

Hi Ray! I got your mail and am working on the answers to your questions. I talked to one of our members this morning, from the City of Amsterdam (municipality), she is happy to answer any queries, if possible by mail on how they used meet.coop for the CitiesforChange.org programme. Later this week I will send you more detailed info and maybe some direct contacts with members. Some of them are here right in the forum (did you see the welcome thread?)

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Thanks! Looking forward to the contact info for the City of Amsterdam - email is best for me too.