Lumix Camera Support

This is perhaps a pipe dream presently, but I use a Lumix camera as a webcam from time to time when broadcasting meetings. Panasonic has their webcam software that lets you use a live stream from your camera and meeting software typically picks it up as a webcam.

My workaround in practice was to screenshare the camera’s viewfinder, but the quality of the footage is sub-optimal, especially as the motivation of using the camera is to try and broadcast as much detail as possible in the image.

This is also semi related to the screen recordings - is there a way to only record the host’s screen? We would have little use for recording an extended clip with the presentation showing, and for our purposes the option to only record one webcam is ideal. Otherwise we need to make other workarounds that are fine for me to action, but may not be for different users in my circle.


:nerd_face: indeed ! Anybody in tech circle know this kind of camera/recording detail? @Yurko @dvdjaco @elon