Markdown in NextCloud

The markdown editor in the NextCloud web interface very often fails to save, and sits continually on ‘Saving’. This has been occurring for weeks and it has become totally unreliable as a way of editing documents… Please @chris can this be fixed?

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Hi @mikemh this was raised on a Webarchitects support ticket a while ago and I upgraded Nextcloud and the Text app at the time and also changed the way cron was configured, I’ve updated it again and can look at this some more next week if it is still an issue, I’m currently at this event so I’m afraid I don’t have time for an in-depth look at it right now.


Great `chris thank you. An hour ago some glitches did still seem to be occurring. Some in-depth next week would be very reassuring. Have a good day.

hi @chris just to let you know that the NextCloud text documents, i.e. the markdown texts, aren’t still saving adequately. Would be good if you could check on that. Thanks.

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I’ll try and get to the bottom of this problem this week.

The sign that the trouble is occurring seems to be a notification, very fleeting, that ‘The changes could not be sent’. Meanwhile, the page continues to promise ‘Saving’. But doesn’t.