The last few times in have used it has worked fine for a few minutes and then suddenly crashes, closes all apps and logs out of the operating system.
Here is the environment

  • browser: Firefox
  • OS: Ubuntu 22.04

Additional Observations:

  • only seems to happen during screen shares
  • also happens with Chromium

I’m sorry Rob. Indeed it has happened to me at some times as well. The current BBB software stack is tough on many people’s browsers. I know that the latest BBB version is making improvements by changing the underlying software that handles video streams (webcams + screenshares). See BigBlueButton : What's New It does require some patience still though until we get there.

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I also use Firefox on Linux (usually Mint 20.3 which is based on Ubuntu focal) and I haven’t had this issue with BBB. The issue you describe, where the browser causes the whole OS to shut down, could be due to an Out Of Memory (OOM) error, where the system runs out of RAM and swap memory and kills one or more processes to try to free up some resources. If this is the case it might be caused by a bug in the browser, but it isn’t something that can be fixed on the BBB side. Does this happen with other browsers? (eg Chromium)?

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