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Hi All,

I’m very pleased to report we have our first major news article published about - with an awesome title: Democracy, you’re on mute: A co-op alternative to Zoom

Please share this with everyone you know on every platform and network you can :slight_smile:

I’m working on a few more publications too… it’s hard to cut through the GAFAM noise…
But I will get there.



Thanks Oli, Amazing work!

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I blogged about here, including Alana’s quote about why OC switched to us:

Please share - and retweet this too, if u can:


this week two articles were published about that you may appreciate and may want to spread:

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Great to see hitting the news! These articles help a lot, well done!

I’d like to point out something that we should consider for future communication actions: operational members that are active but in other areas than communication (e.g. Hypha, Collocall, femProcomuns) are never mentioned in these articles. It is a small detail but I think we should give a more balanced picture of the operational members.


Good point, David. I think the explanation is simply that the authors have been interviewing some people, so they get cited. Maybe it’d be good if we’d share upcoming requests for interviews also with other members. Here’s one: @mikemh is in contact with the Cooperative Journal who wants to do a piece on and would like to talk/write with other members. Would you like to be one of them?


Sure, I’ll be glad to! What do you think about this @benhylau @hng? We can try to distribute these interviews so that all active op members get exposure.

Very cool! I agree these are really important!

To @dvdjaco’s point:

I think having two members, one who is core and familiar with all aspects of the coop (like @wouter @osb @dvdjaco) plus someone who can talk about a particular area (like @melissamcnab @Yurko) would be a model. The interviewer gets all the big picture stuff, but also can dive deep into a particular area, like what is the design thinking, or unique ways we operate the servers.

The main contact can often suggest specific people given the context of the interview. Is it a coop or FOSS thing, for example. If people don’t have time for a call, we can suggest the interviewer to send a couple interview questions by email as well.