not included in Ethical Consumer guide to video conferencingšŸ˜Ÿ


It looks like theyā€™ve only rated the ethics of the companies, but didnā€™t even added something along the lines of open source etc. Quite sad. This pretty much sums critics of ethical consumption up. Or was there another page?

Amazon Chime is using palm oil and animal testing? :smiley:

We plugged Ethical Consumer into lively discussion in CoTech. But there was no product available from - Ethical Consumer isnā€™t going to recommend a product you canā€™t yet buy.

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You canā€™t buy Jami which is at the top of their list! Itā€™s a piece of software, not a service. Weird for it to get top of the list whilst BigBlueButton not even mentioned.

You canā€™t really buy Jitsi Meet either, although you can just use the hosted version, unlike Jami. And it looks like you can buy from 8x8 who are behind Jitsi too