to join the Co-op Data Club


@osb and @LeoSammallahti have initiated a cooperative data club, to enable coops help each other out with marketing activities. Oli suggests we join this club. Do you agree that should join CDC? There are no costs attached. When in a later phase there will be paid services we can always decide whether or not to opt in and pay. Here follows a description about CDC.

Co-op Data Club exists to grow the co-operative economy by helping co-ops support other co-ops. Co-ops often lack the required investment capital to spend on customer acquisition in order to reach scale and financial sustainability. This problem is known as the ‘capital conundrum‘. Co-op Data Club is one idea to help solve this issue by providing cheaper – and free – ways for co-ops to acquire new members and customers by leveraging Principle 6 - cooperation between co-ops.

Our initial strategy focuses on networking Co-ops together, to enable them to connect and arrange inter-co-op promotions. Co-op Members that join CDC are added to a Loomio group where they can discuss ideas with other co-op marketeers and exchange promotions for other co-ops to share in their email newsletters, on social media and other channels.

There are no obligations and no fees. Phase 2 will involve direct promotions to the shared email list. We have several more plans and are aiming to implement referral codes for both subscribers and co-ops, so that Members will be able to benefit directly by promoting the club.

voting type: slow vote
period: one week, until 14 June 12h CEST


  • Agree
  • Abstain
  • Block

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Given that only 3 members have voted in the suggested period, I suggest we extend the voting until June 28th.

The decision is approved with four votes: three in favour and one abstains. I will communicate this to @osb and @LeoSammallahti to include in the Club :slight_smile:

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