Meeting of technology members

As suggested this could be handled at the weekly tech meeting - so disregard the poll and I will see you all on Wednesday the 7th!

Let’s discuss where we are each at on development especially of GreenLight and where to post the progress for all to see and interact. I can give a brief tour/overview of the Agaric integrations with WP and Canvas. I am interested in Nextcloud also.
Please choose some times that you are available to chat for 30 mins.

Would be great to have tech people onboard for meeting:
sysadmins and others at

We had some shuffling of roles at and probably the best technical ppl to take this call would be @dvdjaco and @hng. At the moment @Sebas891 and @aaronhirtenstein are not actively involved.

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There is the weekly tech circle meeting Wednesdays at 15:00 CEST, maybe we can just use that date for the Greenlight discussions?

That will work - thanks Hng! I will do best to be there this week - it
is really early in the morning for me, but I will try. (have been trying
for a few weeks *lol)

In Solidarity,

Micky Metts
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If the usual time is not so good for you we could also schedule another meeting.