Mozilla Incubator?

I have just read about the Mozilla incubator project - do you think could be a good candidate for their funding and support?

It’s an interesting option considering we:

  • have someone who is willing to participate in their programme during a few months, learn, work on the sustainability model of
  • agree on how the funds are being used if we’d be selected
  • have someone (or a few committed people) able to craft a proposal and present it there

If that’s doable, then I think yes it would be very good for the above three things and for the exposure it may give us.

my 2 cents

I would sign up :smile:. There is even the platform cooperativism course coming up starting on June 1st - why not??

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Maybe you could prepare a brief proposal and present it to them?

Hmm upon further reading, maybe this is not for us:

  1. Commitment

  2. The Startup Studio is for startups. We expect the entire team to be all-in, working full-time on the project during the three months of the program and beyond.

There is nothing bad about commitments and passion but I think this is more suitable for those investor-driven startups.

The whole thing about coops is that we take a lot more wholistic approach - rather than a few people get super busy, I think we should strive to involve more people, be creative and offer simple and effective solutions.