New German Terms and Conditions

I just signed in to and was presented with this:


Not a good user experience. I can’t speak German.

I assume this is something to do with integrating Collocall stuff @hng ?

(PS think we need to merge the Site Feedback and User Feedback categories on here - I think User Feedback is the better and more descriptive name - Site Feedback could be understand to just be feedback about )

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Yeah, it’s the collocall data privacy terms. These shouldn’t be there. We had some problems when we migrated because our code expects terms to be present but had no terms, apparently it somehow copied our terms over.

Please just ignore it for now, we will fix it next week.


Figured it was something like that, thanks.

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This issue is fixed now.


Hi @jdaviescoates, could you please refrain from using “WTF” in your subject lines and in the way you speak to other people who are doing their best to make this happen. This is not constructive language to use in a support request. I’ve edited it out of the title. Thank you.


Fair enough. I recognise the effort going in. And was also the first paying customer-member :slight_smile: (albeit at the lowest level).

The WTF was merely just an accurate relaying of the reaction I had when presented with those German terms and conditions, but now you point it out I recognise it was not particularly constructive or helpful to include it here in the subject (although I’d guess other customer-members may also have similar initial reactions).

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