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Hey Chris,

As requested, posting to this forum…

I just had a great play with the demo space and recognised the software immediately from a very well run and well attended online conference I dipped into that was run by a German anti-GMO group a few months ago.

A few features that I’m used to from Zoom that would be amazing to feed into the community are:

  • ability to turn off self view, so others can see you but you can’t see yourself
  • video mirroring, so the image is flipped so your head moves in the same direction on the screen as your head in real life
  • host being able to turn off everyone else’s videos (currently just audio)

Is there different functionality for webinars to the normal meeting set up like there is with zoom? What are the chances of getting those changes?

FYI - We currently have 88 tickets ordered for our Three Acres And A Cow show this Saturday and expect to have 100-150 people, taking a total of over £1k in tickets. I’ve borrowed a colleagues Zoom subscription and paid them an additional £120 to host the webinar for us (that is for a months webinar add on up to 500 people)

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I think this is not possible right now

This has just been added to the recently released BigBlueButton 2.2.18!

This is possible via the “Lock viewers” screen:

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/cc @mikemh who made a similar request

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Sorry not to have replied sooner Robin, I hope the gig goes well and next time it would be great to host you here!

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Self-serve download video recordings has been a user request since OPEN 2020 and other event organizers like Our Networks will also need it. Unless we are archiving recordings forever, everyone who is recording will need this.

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