NextCloud appp to interface with BBB

There’s one official BBB app in the NC app store: This one looks promising., but there’s also another team that has been working on some NC app:

Maybe we should try both, but start with the official one? I just added it to the server but it requires command line access in order to configure it. Here’s the details:


At some point in the next few days, when I have got on top of the backlog of work that has built up, I’ll setup a development server with two Nextclouds (one for each of the BBB plugins) and WordPress and Drupal sites for testing those plugins, perhaps Moodle also — I agree that we need to have a play with the open source BigBlueButton plugins to see how developed they are and what options might be available in order that we can work out what possibilities we have.

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FYI there seems to be further integration implementations coming into Greenlight that Nextcloud has decent integrations for: (SAML) and (OpenID) are tracking those.

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