NextCloud version/update

@chris Not sure what the current version of NextCloud is in the stack. Will the newly released version of Nextcloud be installed - NextcCloud 3? Introducing Nextcloud Hub 3 | Shaping the future of privacy - YouTube

I’d suggest sticking with the oldest supported version of Nextcloud generally as recent releases tend to have a lot of bugs and issues, however if you would like to test the latest version and report bugs upstream after it is released that’s fine.

I’ve just updated the site from 24.0.2 to 24.0.6, which is currently the latest version:

Many thanks @chris for this update. So, what’s the status of NextCloud 3? Launched but not released??

The latest version is currently 24.0.6, there are release candidates for version 25.0.0 available but it hasn’t been released yet.

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On another tangent with NextCloud @chris . . D’you have any experience of ‘Collectives’? Clearly this feature is designed for in-house knowledge bases, where all reader-writers are members of the NextCloud instance. But d’you know whether the pages of a Collective can also be made visible, read-only, to users who are not in the NextCloud membership? Ie ‘the public’.

This is possible with markdown pages in the Files app of course, where pages can be shared under all sorts of access rights. And Collective wiki pages are accessible in Files as Markdown pages, so can individually be published publicly (or entire folders). But can Collective pages be made visible within the Collectives UI, beyond the registered membership of the instance?

Prompting again @chris - d’you have experience of the Collectives app within Nextcloud? Anyone else here used this and knows about public access to a Collective? Must all users have a NextCloud login? @3wc ? @Hakanto ?

If it’s possible to publish a Collective to ‘the public’, this could be the simplest soultion to the challenge of mounting a handbook (still not fully resolved; putting it into Discourse isn’t the most wonderful solution). Reorganising & improving our forum

Hi @mikemh sorry I missed your two questions above before now, I have just upgraded the instance to Nextcloud Hub 3 (25.0.1).

I have never come across or used the Collectives app I’m afraid.

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I looked at the collectives app a while ago and it was meant for internal use only, I found no obvious (ie not hacky) way to make it public