Occasional needs for larger groups

hey I have been encouraging many groups and people to use meet.coop with a lot of success as people are really eager to get a little autonomy from corporate privatized platforms.

Up to now my experience with small groups up to 5-10 people was fine with ca.meet.coop with a 9 GBP contribution, but at some point a meeting was more demanding and we had people joining around 25 unexpectedly, then different problems started, sound cutting, people not hearing, as we disabled videos I cannot say about those.

I only want to clarify if the issues were due to the number of people, and if there would be a way to accommodate such jumps.
The structure needing the instance is an activist structure. They do not need a large instance on a regular basis, however they would very occasionally need to bring a larger group of persons together.

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Hi Natacha,
If you go over the participant count for your subscription level, it would be good if you could make extra contributions via Open Collective - as per our fair use policy :wink:
But your subscription level should not effect audio. As more participants join it becomes even more important to mute when not speaking and to use headphones… and harder to ensure everyobe has suitable connections speeds. For more about audio and what we are doing to solve any issues please see this thread Audio Issues with BBB
All the best

Hi there. The Fair Use Policy link does not link to the Terms and send back to the home page which is not useful (also the FAQ there has a link to ‘Payment section on OpenCollective’ that does not go there.)

I’m wondering about Peertube video links: they’re supposed to be embedded by #9226 but seem not to work on demo.meet.coop. What version is running there?

Thank you

Hello @how - thanks for posting this :slight_smile:

The Fair Use policy at the top of General Disclaimer – The Online Meeting Cooperative is actually the same page that we refer to as the “terms” - were you expecting there to be another document?
If you can point me to the broken link I will fix it - but I couldn’t see anything that should link to “terms”?

(also the FAQ there has a link to ‘Payment section on OpenCollective’ that does not go there.)

Those links have been fixed.