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We Are Open has posted here on " HOWTO: Create an Architecture of Participation for your Open Source project". This work was done for Greenpeace/Planet 4. The how-to looks like this . .

  1. A clear mission — why does this project exist? what is it setting out to achieve?
  2. An invitation to participate — do you have an unambiguous call to action?
  3. Easy onboarding — are there small, simple tasks/activities that new volunteers can begin with?
  4. A modular approach — do volunteers have to commit to helping with everything , or is there a way which they can use their knowledge, skills, and interests to contribute to part of the project?
  5. Strong leadership — do the people in control of the project embody the mission? do they have the respect of volunteers? have they got the capacity to make the project a success?
  6. Ways of working openly and transparently — does the project have secret areas, or is everything out in the open?
  7. Backchannels and watercoolers — are there ‘social’ spaces for members of the project to interact over and above those focused on project aims?
  8. Celebration of milestones — does the project recognise the efforts and input of volunteers?