One-off AGM with up to 50+ participants


We run a co-operative resources centre, in Yorkshire (

We would like to use your service, we are considering opening an account for £9 per month (max 10 participants) because we are funded only by member subscriptions and our committee is only small (4 people at present).

We’ve been using, to try the service.

I’d like to ask : we have to hold our AGM online on Friday (13th) and in theory up to 100 members could log on. Is there a facility to allow for this as a “one-off”, please? I think it may be between 10-20 people in practice, but there’s a possibility of more,and we need to allow for this.

Thanks very much,

Jonathan Cook.


I’d say that @osb or @benhylau will be best placed to respond to this. My own though on it, is that if you are able to commit to the monthly level 1 account, then holding a meeting once a year where you anticipate that more than the ten participant limit to join the call might be viewed as being within fair use. I don’t know if there’s any hard limit placed on accounts currently.

Thanks for reply Graham. I’ll go ahead this afternoon with opening Level 1 account, and hope it will be OK, because we want to test it at 7pm tonight with a few people, in preparation for full meeting Friday.
Best wishes

I think I’ve found the answer : right here on the homepage:
a big meeting requires a “dedicated event server”

Hello @JC-Sheffield I think given what you described, joining as a Level 1 will be ok. Our maximum participants are currently not hard limits, so even when you are on Level 1, 50 people will be able to join. But if you find yourself holding 10+ people meetings often, we encourage you to move to Level 2 or 3, so we have more capital to add server capacity and experiences will improve for everyone over time.

BBB officially says they support a max of 100 participants per room (not video, but just people in a room). More can join, but there is no guarantee of quality at that point. Among those 100 participants, it’s impractical to expect everyone having video on, because there is no “paging” in BBB and 100 video streams coming to a computer would just not be possible with most people’s internet connections anyways. So I have never seen a call with more than 20 people on video, people just kind of instinctively turn off video when they aren’t speaking when the rooms get big.

dedicated event server

This is used for full/multi-day events where conference organizers want guaranteed resources for themselves. They are often running multi-tracks with 20-50 people in each room. They don’t want their conference impacted because another large call is happening on the shared platform, or their own conference will take up too much resource for everybody else. In your case, I think you have a 20-50 ppl in single room, and once a year you should be good with Level 1 or 2.

Apologies on delay in email responses, a bit backlogged on those :slight_smile:

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@JC-Sheffield by the way, is it okay to change the thread title to something like One-off AGM with up to 50 participants to make this more searchable? I expect many people to have same use case as you :slight_smile:

Would really appreciate it.

Great that’s excellent ta Benedict :slight_smile:
Title of post changed, thanks for suggestion.

Best regards

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Where do I start, please?

How do I log in?


Credentials will be emailed to you today. I just pinged @osb for it. Sorry this is still a manual process, but you should receive it soon!

Thanks Benedict, I thought I had missed something, I was just panicking! Yes, it’s arrived now, all sorted, thanks again

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We are in a somewhat similar position with our plans for a Yule party, which I have described in the Xmas party ;) thread. It will similarly be a one-off that exceeds my level 1 subscription, but I’ve been told that would be ok.

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Ta for message garyalex, our experiment will be on Friday evening, but fairly small scale. are fairly relaxed about exceeding subscriptions as it’s early days, everything’s experimental I guess.

Feedback: Today’s meeting had about 13 people max, most of the time about 8 actively participating. The sound quality was the only problem (after user inexperience), but we managed OK, a few dodgy microphones didn’t stop us having a good, 2-hour meeting.

Hey, I am curious about what specific audio problems users are experiencing? For example:

  • choppy
  • delayed
  • echo / feedback
  • background noise
  • inconsistent volumes from same speaker
  • inconsistent volumes across participants
  • connecting audio device
  • switching between mics
  • echo test struggles

Having more detail about this will help us improve the services. Thanks!

Sure, mainly:
(a) choppy (not all the time, this was occasional)
(b) background noise (crackling, sometime rising to a buzz)
I think poor-quality microphone/connection was part of problem (b)

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this morning I talked with @garyalex and he wanted to be sure about the max number of participants allowed per room for his Yule party. Is it hard limited at 50 on the shared servers now, or could more people join these rooms on the shared servers? Just to be sure, @benhylau, @dvdjaco

No there are no actual limits configured. It’s just “pay what you use”.

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