Opening up the .de server

any news on this task? I’m keen to set people up - but think I was meant to be waiting for an answer (to something!?) from @dvdjaco first…

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On 21st Dec I organised a workshop with people from Berlin and Catalonia on the de server. We were max 10 people and several of us have been having audio interruptions and bad quality audio. When I mentioned this on the chat, Ben suggested we’d check whether the TURN server is set up correctly for this one. Is anybody on that? What can we do to improve/check and take this thing into production?

Yeah - it seems important to confirm this, and run some more test to ensure it is production ready before we execute the original plan:

  • #todo David: look at increasing 24h invites validity
  • #todo Oli: send invites from DE admin panel
  • #todo Ben: announce on OC

Sorry I hadn’t written down my todo, I’ll check that asap

The 24h validity of invites is not easily configurable. I suggest we move forward with the link as it is for now.

does anyone else have thoughts on this?

We originally agreed that 24 hours was not long enough, and if people miss the 24 hour window it will be really annoying and lead to a lot of confusion, so I am keen to investigate why this is not possible in more detail?

I think from what David explained that this is just a number that we could change, but the difficulty lies in keeping track of these kinds of changes to our code - and access to the code?

To me this highlights why we need to resolve our dependencies on others code and to have our own branch/es of the code we are using so that we can do even very minor product development.

I hope we can figure out a way to make things like this, and other product development possible soon, or it seems like we are at a bit of an impasse…

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If it helps: I am pretty sure the invitation is valid for 48 hours: greenlight/invitation.rb at 5c79d3752420c391b3e60ca237c0c490e6793131 · bigbluebutton/greenlight · GitHub

Wouter and I discussed this topic in the Product Circle meeting this morning and propose to send the following email via OC… so when people reply we will sign them up one-by-one on .de.

Let me know if you have any suggestions / corrections and, if there’s no objections, I will aim to get this out in the next 48 hours.

Draft email to all Members - to be sent via OC:

Hi All,

We hope you are surviving the ‘new world order’ and that has been helping you to stay connected - we are very proud to have you all as Members.

Good news:
We have now set up another server in Germany, which we hope will improve the quality of your video calls, especially if you are based in, and meeting with others from, Europe.

If you would like to get access to the German server we will need to set you up with an additional account on - We’re working on providing a Single Sign On (SSO) for all servers but this is not ready just yet. We will update you as soon as SSO is set up.

If you would like us to set you up on the .de server please email from the email address you signed up with, and we will set you up. You will then have the choice of using or but please note: you will need to keep track of your passwords for both of these, as the accounts are not linked.

In other news, continues to grow, we’ve launched our new website and we have developed a basic roadmap for the next six months and one of the key activities which flows through the entire six months is to “increase our member-base & strengthen the community”. Although things are going well we really need to grow in order to able to pay our team a living wage and to improve the product.

One of the key ways we onboard new Members is via word-of-mouth and, since you are all great networkers, we could really do with your help! If you know any people or organisations who might be interested in learning about, or joining please ping them a message (use this template, if it helps) - the bigger becomes the better it will become for all of us.

If you can share news about on social media it will really help too. Retweet this, or write your own tweet, follow and tag @meetdotcoop and if you have ideas or other feedback please let us know via the Forum.

Love from everyone at :slight_smile:

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Do some rooms switch automatically to Whenever we go to our rooms we end up having Greenlight text in German: ‘Willkommen im Raum…’
Regardless, shouldn’t language change be based on browser’s locale?