Opening up the .de server

any news on this task? I’m keen to set people up - but think I was meant to be waiting for an answer (to something!?) from @dvdjaco first…

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On 21st Dec I organised a workshop with people from Berlin and Catalonia on the de server. We were max 10 people and several of us have been having audio interruptions and bad quality audio. When I mentioned this on the chat, Ben suggested we’d check whether the TURN server is set up correctly for this one. Is anybody on that? What can we do to improve/check and take this thing into production?

Yeah - it seems important to confirm this, and run some more test to ensure it is production ready before we execute the original plan:

  • #todo David: look at increasing 24h invites validity
  • #todo Oli: send invites from DE admin panel
  • #todo Ben: announce on OC

Sorry I hadn’t written down my todo, I’ll check that asap