Operational members @ meet.coop

Here we note individuals and organisations becoming (intending to become) operational members of meet.coop, and decisions on membership.

Collocall has decided to apply as an operational member of meet.coop :smile:. See this thread

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@benhylau has launched a vote List of Operational Members

However I’m unable to vote “You can’t post in this thread” . Is that correct? Is this a matter for permanent assembly vote, or Operational Members’ vote (which anyway would be circular, at this point!)

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The category is limited to Operational Members only for write access. Yesterday when we took you off that group, you also lost write access to that thread.

It would make sense that only Operational Members would vote right? We have never discussed voting right, weights, that is available to User Members and how those can be expressed in our tools.

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This is true. However I thought it was understood that the Forum in some way should function as a ‘permanent assembly’ that the circles (= Operational members, collectively) can refer to on some votes, and not only for Operational members? @wtebbens had this kind of response when recently we adopted Collocall in the All-Hands meeting on a show of hands, without referring to the 'permanent assembly’. Perhaps wouter will clarify his perception of how this works, when he returns. For sure, not just any-old contributor to the forum should have a vote.