Other video conferencing software options

As far as I’m aware, meet.coop has firmly committed to BBB as the video conferencing server software, with a fork of Greenlight as the front-end. While it’s wise to standardize the UI early on and change it as little as possible, to avoid confusing users, it may be possible and indeed desirable to swap in a different back-end at some point in the future. So I think it’s worth having an ongoing conversation about other free code video conferencing software options, their pros and cons when compared to BBB, and so on.

Known alternatives:

FYI I have been curating a more thorough list of free code related to voice and video chat here:

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A couple not on either of your lists yet

Multiparty Meeting

demo - https://letsmeet.no/

Kopano Meet

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Thanks for these, I’ll add them to both lists. EduMeet also mentions Mediasoup, which I didn’t know about either: https://github.com/versatica/mediasoup

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thanks @strypey! Here’s another free software video conf server project that recently got highlighted by NLnet and NGI: Sylk Suite, it combines open standards like SIP, XMPP abnd WebRTC:

In comparison with BBB/meet.coop I understand it is catered for smaller groups.

It’d be nice to maintain a wiki page with these backend options.

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