Our public face now refreshed

@osb updated the Home page, About Page and Get involved pages with the latest text: https://www.org.meet.coop :slight_smile:

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That’s fantastic, well done everybody this past two weeks. :clap: At last I feel I can start properly inviting folks to join. The About, Get Involved and Home pages look clear and coherent.

Our purpose comes through, SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy) and Coop orientations are well up front, as is governance and transparency commitment. Service levels are clear. Invitation to Operational membership is clear, alongside User membership. Privacy, anti-corporate perspective and control of autonomous infrastructure are all right there in these first pages.

We absolutely ARE a different, unique option.

Expect a mass of signups? All we have to do now is deliver :wink: Bring on the new, more appropriately scaled Koumbit operational server and updated sysadmin regime!

I have a hunch . . Fair Use might be something that needs highlighting quite soon? Is it hidden in Terms and Conditions?