Privacy rating

there are various ways to rate a project on “privacy”, depending on different factors, like data minimalisation, data usage, security, anonymity, etc.

I recently came accross this initiative to rate the privacy aspects of any project:

I filled in the questions to come to a label for in terms of privacy according to this rating:**coop


Do you think such label is useful? Maybe to raise discussion on what we can still improve? Or are there other such ratings we could study / use?

Thanks a lot for this initiative Wouter. :slight_smile:
From my POV, to be useful for people outside our privacy/commons small places a privacy rating (any rating, really) needs at least 2 dimensions clearly understandable:

  • where does it stands in the gradient each level (is a “B” level good or bad? By how much?)
  • what does it imply each “level” (does a “B” level complies with GDPR, or can it legally sell my information?).



Yes, good question @EduMerco :slight_smile: The nice thing of this particular rating is that it’s quite self-explanatory, if you follow the link you see the full rating:

And in each of the 4 categories you can click and see the details, like under SHARING: NO sharing of user data, NO sale, etc.

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Beautiful, thanks a lot for sharing. :slight_smile: