Product definition & multiple users per account

Yesterday we got a query by a new Level 3 member about having more users/hosts at our Greenlight server. There seems to be some confusion: in principle, according to our Product definition only multi-user accounts have (the possibility to create) multiple user accounts (hosts) for their organisation.

Possibly we will want to revise this. AFAIK we have only made exceptions to sign up people from L1, L2, L3 contribution levels to the two servers (ca and de) so in effect they ended up having two separate accounts.

Now I can see that from a product PoV this situation is far from ideal: on the one hand multi-user accounts can sign up infinite number of accounts, which would only be limited by our Fair Use Policy (not monitored regularly) and the possibility of a server collapsing in case of abuse. See discussion on multi-user accounts.

More ideally multi-user would come with a somewhat more limited set of host accounts that the org can self-manage, maybe for a lower monthly contribution, and if they need more they increase their contribution (a bit).

And more ideally it would be that an organisational user of say Level 3 could have a few host accounts they’d self-manage, right? Like this recent query suggests.

Once we have a Single Sign On, this could be implemented… Right now we have to do this by hand at the contact@ helpdesk.

Maybe it would be good to start revising our product definitions along these lines?

A low-budget public-interest organisation that wanted to switch from Zoom to enquired about discount on a multi-user account for ‘up to 100 people’ in a meeting. A response was offered to them by the contact@ helpdesk. See the response

This suggested that they might in fact be able to operate with something smaller - like Level 2. They were asked for more detail on how they use their existing (Zoom) account:

  • How exceptional are ‘large’ meetings. How many meetings are ‘small or medium’?
  • Do your large meetings need everybody on camera and audio, or might many people be passive, webinar-style?
  • How many accounts d’you need? That is, how many people need credentials to create, open and moderate rooms?

What d’you think about the response, and does this have any implications for (a) our service level categories (b) descriptions of service levels in our marketing material, and (c) cheat-sheets/tutorials on ‘how to admin your Greenlight account’?

@osb @Graham @wouter PS The enquirer, a university research team in Ontario, hasn’t provided details yet, so the case is still open.

  1. A lot hinges on ‘fair use’ and how often they want lots of people in the room with audio and video channels open?

  2. But mostly it hinges on whether a couple of ‘convenors’ can set up many rooms for many recurring uses under a single organisational umbrella, mostly not very large meetings?