Radical Routes Gathering

Radical Routes is a network of workers and housing co-operatives and social centres. We would like to use meet.coop for our next gathering in August. Calls at the gathering will have 100+ people attending with a maximum of four calls happening simultaneously. Is this feasible?


Yes, this is exactly the type of event we have created meet.coop for! I was just replying to your email, but I’ll paste it here now!

For people who are not aware of the network, Radical Routes is a UK based co-op of (mostly) housing co-ops, Webarchitects has been an associate member of Radical Routes for almost six years.

We will better be able to answer this after Open 2020 which we hope to host in a little over a weeks time, Open 2020 is expecting in the the region of 100-200 people also breaking down into small groups.

We would be able to create a (potentially private and only open to Radical Routes members if necessary) category for the event on this forum for support, we should have help documentation ready by then. We could also give people accounts in advance to enable people to test that it works for them and ensure they have good enough Internet connections and new enough web browsers.

Are you happy carrying on this discussion on this public thread (I’d rather use this forum than email)?


Thanks so much.
Yes, certainly. I will direct others in Radical Routes to this thread as well as there may be more questions.


Hi Chris, our online gathering group just had our first interaction with meet.coop!
We have a few questions:

-Is there a function to raise your hand that we missed/can one be made?
-What are the browsers that work best for meet.coop?
-Can there be a document share as well as a note share, for agenda etc.

We want this to be the most inclusive and accessible gathering ever so:

-We want to write minutes live in the shared notepad so everyone can follow, can you make it so only one person can edit this per meeting?
-Could there be a magnifier, screen reader or speech recognition built in?
-Does it work on mobiles and tablets?

We would also like to invite you to our next meeting on Friday 19th at 6pm to discuss. I’ll email you a link.

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Hi @Jen, I’d be happy to come to the next meeting.

Yes, click on your icon and click “Raise”, this changes your icon to a hand:

Screenshot_2020-06-13 BigBlueButton - Home Room(1)
However it would be better with more related functionality like a queue and a better alert system for letting others know someone has raised a hand, there is a thread on this on GitHub.

This is a good example of a request for enhanced functionality that, if developed, might well be accepted into the upstream project, see the contributing guide.

As far as I’m aware we don’t have any JavaScript / Grails / Scala / Ruby on Rails programmers involved with meet.coop who could take on tasks of this nature but I’m sure there are programmers in the wider co-op tech world who could, however they might need paying — so far nobody has been paid for any of the work they have done for meet.coop and clearly this isn’t sustainable long term, would Radical Routes be in a position to sponsor development of features like this?

At the moment I suspect that Chromium might be better due to the lack of simulcast support in Firefox, however this is based on the Jitsi issues with Firefox and I’m not 100% sure that they apply to BigBlueButton, hopefully these will be addressed by Mozilla soon.

The presentor can upload a presentation and the presentor and presentation can be changed during the meeting.

Not as far as I’m aware, you would have to use an external editor if you only want to allow one person to edit it, again this could be a feature for which the upstream project might accept a pull request for if anyone is able to fund it’s development.

This might be best done client side, since it is HTML5 is is easy enough to scale everything already, again any changes would probably need a programmer.

Yes as long as the mobiles and tablets have a recent web browser such as Chromium or Firefox.

Thanks so much Chris!! I’ll email you a link today.


I could do this!! If there was money to pay me to do it even better as work’s drying up at the moment and need some income.


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There is now a pull request for this, see this animated gif for how it works:


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