Related experiences at Linux Plumbers and Conservancy

There was recently an interesting conversation between stakeholders at sourceware (the people behind libc and so on) and (free software advocates, basically) about hosting a Big Blue Button instance. The discussion is rather long, but it’s quite interesting especially with regards to how the SFC is deploying BBB while avoiding the non-free MongoDB trap (see this code).

The discussion also delved into how the LPC used BBB and Matrix to host their (online) conference, see this blog post for details. It talks about how to scale BBB, how it compares with Jitsi and so on.

I hope that’s useful for people here and that I’ve filed this in the right place!


Indeed the conversation at hosting a Big Blue Button instance. is interesting @anarcat thanks. And long!

I’d point out the comparisons of and BBB, as something that some folks might want to look at . . @mnoyes @wouter @jamie They’re looking at scaling of meeting size, server load and integration (w Matrix) among other things. Very thorough, these guys :pray:

Maybe @dvdjaco @Yurko might want to offer something here, into the libre sofwtare pool, for others evaluating BBB instances?

I am happy to see various people/organisations exchanging their BBB setup/infrastructure. We should collect all that information and see which resources are needed

thanks @anarcat for sharing this great conversation. It would be good to know how we deal with MongoDB, and the Jitsi resource intensiveness is also of interest. Should we reach out to SFC to work on this together? If @dvdjaco @Yurko are interested of course.

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