Reliability problems in BBB calls


We’re having recurring trouble with calls on our BBB instance ( Symptoms vary, but I would regroup them in two:

  1. chopy audio. some callers (not all!) have audio dropouts. it’s not reliable, certain calls would go fie for that caller, but sometimes wouldn’t, or a part of the call would be fine, and then it would break down. normally, I attribute this to local network issues (hello wifi and microwave ovens), but this feels different: some people i know have a good network setup suffer from this intermittent issue.

  2. audio dropout. some times, audio just completely cuts. the little user icon lights up as if BBB is hearing you, but silence is being transmitted. sometimes, after a while, the “bell” rings and audio reconnects and things return to normal, but with everyone saying “hello? are you still here?” this one is particularly disruptive as you don’t have feedback that it’s happening until the disconnect

Those are becoming deal-breakers for us, as conferences are often unusuable… are those issues familiar?


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Thanks for flagging this up. Tagging @gcotnoir who will certainly know more and may be able to offer something useful. I know we’re looking to implement some significant updates which will very likely improve UX, but that may not be the quick fix you need here.

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i keep wondering if our issue might be that we have people all over the world. south america, north-american easy coast, west coast, europe, sometimes we have calls with all of those people at once… and i have the feeling people at the edges of that graph suffer the most, but that might be confirmation bias.

what is the SFU story like for BBB right now? is everything on one central server?