Replacing the BBB presentation with a webcam's feed?

@unicci asked: I’m running a session soon where I will want to keep my presenter webcam locked as the main presentation. It’s life drawing, so I will be pointing my webcam at a model, and the members of the group will be drawing from my camera.

Is there a way to ensure that my presenter’s screen is locked by default for all participants to see? I couldn’t find an obvious answer in the documentation/forum, and my meeting participants will be not necessarily technical minded, and several will not have English as their first language (or speak it at all), so the easiest solution (even if it is by default) would be appreciated!

@wouter replied: Once you are in your room as moderator/host, you can go to configurations through the engine/wheel in the left hand panel. IIRC it is there. Restrict webcam usage to only mods.

Then there’s the other screen element you might want to eliminate for all: the whiteboard. There’s no direct option for that, But: Workaround:

  • From the Greenlight room-management page, preconfigure your room with any kind of presentation or pic.
  • Open the room and go to ‘Manage presentations’:
  • Remove all presentations.

Do this step first and then the other, to restrict webcams, and e voilà, there you are, everybody sees the same central screen, your webcam in this case.

Check. Does it work for you?

Thanks @mikeh fort posting it here.

@unicci and I found that the workaround for removing a personalised preuploaded presentation does NOT work at the moment.

I’m not sure whether that’s a configuration option or whether BBB had changed. Maybe @dvdjaco or @Yurko know or could check?

BTW I checked at both de. andere ca. servers

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If I recall correctly, removal of the default presentation was done by exploiting a bug in BBB.

I think this bug was fixed in the following version of BBB.

I’m on the .de server with my account, and using to facilitate the meeting for the first time, as we were using Zoom previously. We were used to having a button that says ‘pin presenter’ or similar, so the host would know that the host’s screen was taking up the space instead of the presentation.

The presentation is nice, but not in practical application, so it would be useful to have the option to be able to remove it.