Requesting Nextcloud Accounts

We have a Nextcloud server for internal, non-public documentation at, this is set to use an external ONLYOFFICE server using the sub-domain:

Currently @wouter is the only person with an account on it, so a little work will be needed to add accounts for others, if you are a member for the Online Meeting Co-operative please use this thread to request account creation.

yeap, I’m in as admin and I can create accounts. Thanks @chris for setting up this instance.

For now it’ll be manual work: to create an account and share the shared folder with the account. At CommonsCloud we have self-registration through the user account LDAP web interface that we developed; it enables the participating collectives to validate and give access to their services. They manage groups (at LDAP level) and share a folder in NC with the group. In any case, let’s see how and when we could set that up here, but for now we have to do these things as admins, so I’m glad to make others admins as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In any case, I’m exploring how to make it as easy and quick as possible. There’s no such thing as uploading a CSV file to create multiple accounts at a time?

I have created a few groups (admin, team, members) and share the project folder with all.

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Right now I am in the Member group, and I cannot move or delete files. I think that’s very restrictive. Anyone who has edit permission should be allowed to move and delete files right?

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 6.46.00 PM

It’s also unclear to me what is a Team (group). I am imagining the mapping to be:

  • admin (can invite others, install apps, etc.)
  • members (operational members with edit perm)

So what is Team?

I think we should have:

  • admins (at least 6 ppl, current access levels)
  • operational members (everyone, can edit, move, delete files)

I also need to install Calendar, as @Graham pointed out and I agree, the Discourse calendar doesn’t serve our needs. We need a CalDAV calendar.

I wonder how we can edit markdown in plaintext using Text. Right now it seems to only allow wysiwyg mode. Plaintext is useful for porting to jekyll.

@aaronhirtenstein @Andreas hey can you guys post your:

  • preferred nextcloud handle
  • organization
  • email
  • circles (if any)

on here so I can get you guys set up on nextcloud before the All Hands? Thanks.

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Thank you Ben, NextCloud calendar integrates with my IPhone (what! a digital handcuff? blasphamy!) :smile: