Roles responsibilities and compensations

We have a specific thread on Roles & Responsibilities; this one is to discuss an innovation in how we compensate, partially related to roles. So far our compensation framework handles compensations based on peer voting on which share each active ops worker is being assigned. i.e. compensations are fully based on this vote in the distribution meeting.

Several changes are being suggested, some coming from the commons.hour, others have come up in all hands discussions, and some have seen initial discussion here on the forum, such as the case for Bounties (ops restricted thread).

We have started with fixed or rotating roles in the last year. Now we could assign a monthly budget to some of these roles to make sure people know up front what they can expect (restricted ops thread). If you take a 2 week shift in the contact@ support desk rotation, you’d know that you get 100 or 200 or whatever we’d agree. Same for the tech lead / maintenance role to make sure incidents to our infra are taken care of ASAP. Possibly other roles could be attached a fixed monthly budget to. And budgets can be revised every quarter if needs be.

This would give us three types of modes of compensation:

  1. fixed budget for a particular role
  2. bounty for a particular task
  3. any other work that is registered & compensation is voted for (as is now)

Now if we take the Roles & Responsibilities list and add three columns to it to specify for each role in which mode of compensation it falls, we can start to play with and design the most suitable way for us.

Here is a spreadsheet with these roles and 3 columns. Have a look and discuss.