Security in the browser - cameras

When explaining BBB to people, I have had concern from some about their security when allowing a site to access their camera in the browser. Their usual practice is never to allow a site to access their camera, and only to give camera access via stand-alone apps where preferences can be fully configured. They believe that allowing one tab to use the camera may enable any tab to do this.

This issue of security in the browser will need to be made clear for any users who are in the habit of using stand-alone apps for meetings (like Zoom and Skype) for the above reason.

‘Your browser is your workspace’ is an unfamiliar mode of practice for some, and perhaps we need to explicitly promote it?

Aren’t most browser quite clear that you are only giving access to the camera for this particular website and moment? Firefox even asks you every time the webcam is accessed even if you allowed it just a second before, if you don’t click on “remember choice”.

If they trust zoom more than their browser you should probably sent them a link to the story about the hidden web server zoom used to install on every Mac:

Yes, I believe so. I’m just reporting that there are people out there who don’t understand this, and would be unwilling to use a service in the browser for this (mistaken) reason.

So perhaps it is part of our pitch, to give clarity on this to potential users (who, in the main, are not technically informed people, but let’s say ‘ordinary computer users’ in the coop sector or civil society organisations)?

I think a good practice would be to compile questions like this into a well explained and nicely toned FAQ.