Seeking Assistance Before Demo - replicating webinars

Hi all,

I’ve been a participant in MeetCoop sessions with another group, but I’m proposing that my current work switch from Zoom to MeetCoop and am looking for assistance before testing it out with decision-makers.
The main concern and goal of the organization is to have secure and accessible meeting spaces, and noticed BBB now offers a few features to lock viewers here:

As somewhat tech-knowledgeable, are these locking features available in Meet.Coop instances?
Ideally, the group would want to have sessions where only a single presenter is able to use camera and mic, shared documents are turned off, but the chat can be locked/unlocked.

Thanks in advance for any help. We’re looking to make a decision in sometime mid-to-late May and I’d like to be well-prepared before then.

Hey @opirgcarleton yes supports the locking features.

Once locked only the mod users can use those features. The lock options needs to be set each time the room is started.

@opirgcarleton is all clear to you, i.e. is there anything we can do to help you get well prepared to that internal decision?

You can see the Lock Viewers options in detail when you host a room, see pic below:
Screenshot from 2022-04-27 10-37-51

If you want to test the demo and check it our for yourself, please go to

Hi @opirgcarleton, all clear, or is there anything we can do to help you with that?