Shared Learning Spaces session

Session on Shared Learning Spaces
Date: Monday 15th of March
Time: 16:30 CET
Place: Community Programme home room

The session programme is getting shape as several parties have shown interest to participate, below is the current agenda.

  1. Welcome, under the umbrella of the community programme
    Wouter (3")
    1.a. colonial apologyMikeH (2")
  2. Check-in round (15")
  3. High level vision for shared learning space. Wouter 5"
  4. The ‘Trinity’ of organisers’ digital tools. **Actually, five!**MikeH (5")
  5. Synergia - share experience with its MOOC, now in 4th iterationMike G (5")?
  6. Ulex - share experienceGee 5"
  7. Demo CanvasLMSMicky/Keegan from Agaric (10")
  8. Round of feedback, points of view, perspectives (20”)
  9. Explore needs & offers (10”)
  10. Questions: Infrastructure - is there a specification for to think around, for expanded digital infrastructure provision? Is this something we collectively want to work on?
  11. check-out (10”)

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