Show MayFirst Jitsi as well in pricing table?

This university lists both Jitsi and BigBlueButton as service options:

I think we can also include MayFirst’s Jitsi service?

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in the wiki page we keep a list of other providers; this could be better organised I’m sure. Maybe you could add this Jitsi service to the list there? And if you’d like, help organise this page better :slight_smile:

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In answer to the question should we show a third party’s service offer in our pricing table, my answer would be no. Our aim here is to build as a sustainable business - let’s focus on doing that.


Yes, I am very much for building business of course :smile: - perhaps I need to explain a little:

  • MayFirst is our member
  • MayFirst recommends Jitsi for meetings under 20 people
  • Its Jitsi service seems free of charge almost?
  • I am a happy MayFirst member myself - and probably so are many other potential or existing members
  • I recently participated in jitsi meeting of 10-20 participants - it worker well :smile:

Considering these, my point was to make sure our members know exactly what choices are available and they understand what they are paying for :smile:

Hmm. Still struggling to see the benefit to here

I also struggle to see why we would list MayFirst Jitsi in our pricing table:

  • It leads to a lot of confusion when what we need is simplicity
  • It’s a completely different product, why don’t we list the 20+ videoconferencing services in our table?
  • MayFirst’s jitsi instance is audio-only
  • Jitsi has a whole boatload of reliability problems that I have experienced across different instances, “I recently participated in jitsi meeting of 10-20 participants” is not a good enough reason to recommend anything
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It may have improved a lot recently, based on my street knowledge and scattered readings :smile:

You can give MayFirst video conference a try


But I guess your main point is to keep the content simple and we only show services. I think that makes sense.

I guess what I have been thinking of is to be wholistic. If we are to have more engaged ‘members’ who are stakeholders, as opposed to mere ‘consumers’, I think we need to treat them like our friends and family and tell them everything.

Not only that, because we will have close interactive communications, this topic will just come up no matter what :smile: I have recently mentioned BBB and to my friends and many of them immediately mentioned Jitsi.

I think the art of this would be to do so without cluttering our message :smile:

Looks like video works for you. Video on this specific instance never works on my Firefox, other Jitsi instances work. No idea why.

I agree with that, but think the answer to that is to publish comparison articles and reference them in forum / other conversations. The website is not really the place to feature other’s offerings. When advising event organizers, I have always mentioned other BBB hosts like collocall, collective68, blindside networks, etc. and highlighted how we are organizationally different, but less mature as an organization and technical capacity. It’s more about “keep the content simple” as you said and not “hide information from people”.