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Session #1 - Intro

Wouter Tebbens, Mike Hales ( Community circle) - Intro to commons.hour: intentions of the series, rationale for the running list of sessions, methodology for designing a coop-commons - including governance. Background notes for the session: Programme & presenters - handbook trial

Screenshot from 2021-09-06 13-20-43 27 September 2021 Gathering starts 18:00 UTC, closes at 19:00. Extra time runs from 19:00 for half an hour, for offers & wants, and informal check-in.

Please register for this event - knowing how many people intend to participate helps us decide our facilitation approach.
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Screenshot from 2021-09-06 13-20-58 The gathering is in the commons.hour room at meet. coop. For best performance, please use Firefox or Chrome browser, and a PC or laptop. The meeting will be recorded. If you wish to be anonymous you should join with an altered name, and leave your camera off.

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