Sign-up - commons.hour - session #1

Session #1 - Intro

Wouter Tebbens, Mike Hales ( Community circle) - Intro to commons.hour: intentions of the series, rationale for the running list of sessions, methodology for designing a coop-commons - including governance. Background notes for the session:

Screenshot from 2021-09-06 13-20-43 27 September 2021 Gathering starts 18:00 UTC, closes at 19:00. Extra time runs from 19:00 for half an hour, for offers & wants, and informal check-in.

Please register for this event - knowing how many people intend to participate helps us decide our facilitation approach.
Click the ‘GOING’ icon at the top of this page: Going-icon

Screenshot from 2021-09-06 13-20-58 The gathering is in the commons.hour room at meet. coop. For best performance, please use Firefox or Chrome browser, and a PC or laptop. The meeting will be recorded. If you wish to be anonymous you should join with an altered name, and leave your camera off.

Screenshot from 2021-09-06 13-55-18 Essential links

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Is it up?

I’m probably on the wrong room?

Yes, but in 15"! Turns out that 18h UTC equals 20h at this moment. Hope you can still make it?

Thanks for the session… Sorry for my abrupt departure… malfunctioning mouse just starts closing windows!

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Arf, sorry :slight_smile: I didn’t read the UTC…

I’ll watch the replay, and I’ll try next time :slight_smile:

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