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Session#3 - The structure and the struggle - Viable coop organisation and contributions to transition in society

Natalie Brenner & Jaime Villareal (May First Movement Technology, USA/Mexico)

  • Experience (across years) of operating a digital infrastructure coop with a membership comprising autonomous movement organisations.
  • Working with a machinery (an ecology?) of boards, annual assemblies, board elections, member priorities; paid and unpaid contributions.
  • Meeting political priorities as distinct from (alongside?) livelihood or infrastructure priorities.
  • The structure and the struggle: legal, organisational and economic frameworks on one hand (coop form/coop law/coop incorporation, revenue framework, admin machinery, etc) and the struggle to transition operations towards ‘governance’ in the context of the world we want to see: a solidarity economy, a non-capitalist society and the commons.
  • The life of a coop in ‘the non-profit industrial complex’.

Screenshot from 2021-09-06 13-20-43 22 November 2021 Gathering starts 18:00 UTC, closes at 19:00. Extra time runs from 19:00 for half an hour, for offers & wants, informal check-in and organiser-chat.

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Screenshot from 2021-09-06 13-20-58 The gathering is in the commons.hour room at meet. coop. For best performance, please use Firefox or Chrome browser, and a PC or laptop. The meeting will be recorded. If you wish to be anonymous you should join with an altered name, and leave your camera off.

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