SSO connexion

Hi @Graham
I manage Remix the commons’ subscription. I’m having trouble connecting. When I follow the link Keycloak Account Management I’m asked for a one-time code. I assume that this should be sent either to the email address or to my phone +33674932547, but I don’t receive anything (neither in spam, nor in other Remix emails). Would it be possible to give me the option of reconnecting please?

@fredsultan - can you log in successfully if you use the relevant ‘sign in’ link in the menu bar on the website?

@Graham - no I can’t.
Neither I try to connect from or one of our room (Salle d’Accueil) I am redirected on
Sign in to

To be clear : I have the right ID and password. It works weel but I am redirected in a page asking for a time-code. How to receive or find the time-code ? See image here : Nuage En-commun
whatever link I use from Keycloak Account Management I’m always redirected to this identification page and when I validate with ID and password, it put me in a dead end. Thanks for your help